Make a complaint to a retailer

Make a complaint to a retailer/service provider

Stay calm, even if you are angry

Talk to the retailer / seller. Assert your rights without being aggressive. Stay polite but be clear about what you want.

Keep records

Keep a copy of any:
  • Receipts
  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Warranties
  • Notes from phone conversations

Complain in person or on the phone

Remember the person you´re talking to may not be in a position to give you what you want. Stay polite and if necessary ask to discuss the matter with the person in charge.
Keep a record of:
  • Who you talk to
  • What you talked about
  • The date
Follow up with a letter.

Set a deadline

  • What the problem is
  • What you want them to do about it
  • When you want it done by (give a reasonable amount of time)

Give your contact details

Give them a contact name and telephone number in case they need to contact you.

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